"The Corrupting Influence of Money in Politics"


"To my people; you, my family, my friends, my colleagues, all the people that I care about, I want to share some exciting news.  I have been searching everywhere to find an organization or an issue that I can get behind, something that I can invest my time and energy in,  something that I believe in enough to talk to you about it.  And I think I finally found it.  Its called Represent Us.  

It's a grassroots organization that's focused on ending corruption and getting money out of politics.  I know that there are many things that you can be focused on right now and many issues that are deserving of your time.  For me this one is the most important.  For me, I can't see significant, sustainable change occur in our government and throughout our system if money continues to play such a huge part in our legislators lives.  They spend so much time, because they have to in the current system, begging for money.  Here in Boston, here in Massachusetts, we are not immune to the corrupting influence of money in politics.  And you know what?  I want to do something about it but I'm going to need your help to do it.  

We're introducing AntiCorruption resolutions in towns across the state.  Let me share just one piece of the resolution.  You tell me if you agree with this.  This anti-corruption law that the resolution supports would prohibit politicians from taking campaign money from industries that they regulate.  Common sense, but its not on the books right now and we got to get it there.  What can you do?  What am I asking from you?  Here it is, if you live in a town in Massachusetts, if you want to get money out of politics...let me know you want to get involved and I'll tell you what the next steps are."


Bruce Watson